We have all learned a lot so far from COVID19 and as the pandemic goes on so will our learning curve. I am not really complaining about being in isolation. As a person with a chronic illness, I began living in isolation a long time ago. Always having been a bit agoraphobic, I enjoy staying home.  I am also quite content with the people I live with. But it turns out that is not enough. The Covid19 pandemic taught me that things aren’t always etched in stone and that no matter what we have we always need more. I need to see my grandson.    https://catchyourbreath60.com/bullet-journaling-for-chronic-illness/

Living With Half

We could live with half of what we anticipate we will need, and the rest is greed. Most have to have it because they have always had it. We tend to buy too much of what isn’t needed and worry too much about how we will find the money to pay for it. Food goes bad on our shelves as we order out because we are too busy to have a decent meal. Our focus becomes unrealistic and this is how toilet paper becomes a commodity.


We don’t seem to have a sense of what is critical to our personal self-care. It appears that we mastered the way to pleasing our bosses, families, doctors and just about anyone except ourselves. We matter, and we must stop treating ourselves poorly. It is not selfish or greedy to take time for self care. It is aa necessity that we take time for self care because we need to have something left over to give others.Otherwise it is a take-take situation. So, focus a bit more on yourself and less on worrying about everyone else. This week, give yourself permission to grow and to learn something new.

Being Grateful

We don’t know how to be grateful. When that question was asked, many people had no idea of how to answer it. When we can’t find gratitude, it is hard to be happy. We sleep less and are not participating in a purpose. Gratitude allows us to enjoy the moment without trying to change it.

Having Some Downtime

One thing I learned from COVID19 is that we have lots of downtime.  I learned that we don’t have to productive all the time. It is OK to have a ‘ read a book in bed day.’  And, you can stay up late and watch movies all night. We worked hard all our lives and we earned the right to choose hours that work for us and to do what makes us happy. There is never going to be a better time than now.

Who Is Important

Covid19 taught us that CEO’s with big bonuses are no longer important. We have finally learned the value of the medical system and especially those that are the lowest paid. They are the ones that refused to leave their posts. Thank you to the Personal Support Workers and frontline essential health care workers. We can not do this without your expertise and valuable knowledge.   https://goldcopd.org/gold-covid-19-guidance/

How We Might Change

Before Covid19 we would not have imagined it but it turns out most people can work from home. From teachers to office workers and almost every company will have learned to work from home. This eliminates the need for the brick and mortar bling, the clothes and the multiple cars. Hopefully, the world with find a way to come to become one with this.


Earth is thriving in the face of COVID19. The water is clear, pollution is non-existent and the animals have taken back their land. Man is not necessary for earth to flourish. Perhaps we can learn from this to be a gentler, kinder person in the future and stop taking things for granted.

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