Acting as if I was digging my heals in and not ready to leave unless I had some supports, I boldly asked what they would be willing to offer me. I didn’t care what they had to offer, I wanted it. I was tired of being strong and being ignored. I wanted help of some kind.

That is when the scramble happened. They wanted the bed and wanted me out of ICU but no beds were available in the hospital for me to go to so they went against their own policy and discharged me from ICU to home.

I didn’t mind for the most part about getting kicked out and discharged without going to the ward. I have had enough roomies to know that I was willing to pass on roomies this time, especially since they were mixing sexes in the rooms now. I didn’t want to wake up with a guy next to me that wasn’t my husband.

Community Care Access Centre

If you are familiar with Ontario Health Care system most people get sent home with what is called CCAC, Community Care Access Centre. This is where they source supports in the community, most are free and paid for by the government if you meet their criteria. I had CCAC visit me after my first hospitalization in 2016.

Fast forward to 2018 and CCAC say’s they have nothing to really offer me. I asked about Occupational therapy for Heart Health. I was really very worried about the anxiety of getting in and out of the car and asked for the kind of help that would get me through that.

Integrated Comprehensive Care Program

They set me up with what is called ICCP, Integrated Comprehensive Care Program.  At first it looked like I would not qualify but after I tell them that I don’t feel great about leaving, I qualify about 2 minutes later. Easy Peasy.

That turned out to be a pretty good deal. The support that they provided lasted for about 6 weeks and will be coming to an end next week so I had to get the most out of them that I could while I had them.

Cardio Should Have Told Me

Because I don’t have a Cardiologist I was never told that I had a liquid intake restriction. In the hospital I had no restriction and no one had said boo about it until the nurses came on the scene. I was drinking about 90 ounces of water and have now cut back to 50 ounces per day and not a drop more. That alone has helped my breathing immensely.

I learned to weight myself everyday as soon as I got up and where to measure for increases, not just in my ankles but in my midsection as well.  I found out that a slight increase or decrease in my weight and measurements was Ok. It was the big changes or the huge increase over night that was a problem. I learned when to take an extra Lasix and when not to. Extremely valuable information because nothing is worse than not knowing.

US Food GuideFGPPamphlet                                                                                           CANADA FOOD GUIDE-eng

The dietitian was the best.

I can’t eat a lot of foods and find I get bloated when I do and that makes my breathing laboured.

My biggest problem is with portion control, and eating a bit at a time is very good for breathing as I don’t become stressed. Having 6 small meals per day helps with weight loss as well as bloating. I know we have all been told this about eating healthy but it can’t be said enough.

Anytime I add something to my body it must be something that is helpful and not empty calories. Your body needs nutrition not just to be filled with empty calories.

Here is her suggestions:

Breakfast: I boiled egg, Mandarin Orange, 1/2 cup of Oatmeal or 1/2 cup of any high fibre cereal. I like the kind with dried fruit, its a treasure in every handful.


Lunch: Greek Yogurt, 1-2 teaspoons of Granola, Dried Cranberries


Dinner: Meat or Chicken, Cooked Spinach, vegetables, 1/2 cup of Rice


Pumpkin seeds (unsalted),

Dried Cranberries,

Apple Chips,



Trail Mix,

I tsp of Peanut Butter with

1 slice of Bread

Melba Toast


Rice Cakes

Following out basic Canada Food Guide / U.S. Food Guide is the easiest best bet. I have included copies of both and I found there was little difference between the two. Mainly, the vegetables should be your biggest portion while lean meat should be you smallest.

One thing the dietitian told me was to have a bit of sweets or a treat everyday. That is what keeps you well rounded so that you are deprived of anything. After all most people like to have a treat everyday.

I load up on Energy Bits for my treats;

1 Cup of Oatmeal

1/2 cup of Chocolate Chips

1/2 cup of Peanut Butter

1/2 cup of Flaxseed

1/3 cup of Honey

1 Tsp of Vanilla

Mix, mold into balls and refrigerate. M-M-Good!


By taking  40 mg of Lasix per day my Sodium and Bicarbonate is elevated or over the high end of what is acceptable.  So while I need to stay on the dry side to help my breathing, the rest of me doesn’t like this state. It seems to be a win/lose situation all the time with me.

I haven’t received all of the supports that I have asked for so I am off to my GP by weeks end to get his opinion on a Cardiac Specialist and someone who can help me get some help. I honestly feel like I am dying and no one is helping me. Some days I get very scared.








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