This is a bit late and should have been released on Friday but sometimes life gets in the way and these things can’t be helped. 

Tea At 3?

Even when we live with a chronic illness we must maintain hobbies and find things to do things that make us happy. It makes a difference in how our soul sings. I started my indoor gardens about 2 years ago because I can no longer participate in my outdoor gardens. I plant my back porch with plants in pots but now I also have an indoor garden. It keeps my busy in a fun way that lets me forget about my chronic illness for just a while.

Gardens First

On February 7, 2023 my Tuesday Tea Time featured my hobbies. Gardening and reading. I took you on aTulips journey of  my indoor succulent and cacti garden. I have been very lucky to have purchased healthy, bug free plants. That is not always the case and checking for bugs is important. Although most of my garden is fairly new, it shows well and keeps me busy most weekends while I water and fertilize and repot.  My greatest pleasure this year was over wintering tulips and forcing them to bloom indoors. Such a welcome sight that tells us what is around the corner. Spring will be here in just over 4 weeks.


I have always been and avid reader. My kids watched me read books as they grew up and they have all been big readers as well. My genre’s change from time to time from True Crime to Self Help and gardening. You may find me reading almost everything from time to time.

This month I was gifted a set of books from Jane Martin, titled Live Your Life With It is comprehensive book supporting you for 52 weeks while dealing with COPD. Containing practical daily advice,  it has a companion set for working through some of the hardest days with COPD. Take a few minutes to have a look at this book.

Finally, I have created a 15 month journal that can be started any month. It has a good outline for you to complete and input information of all the things you would like to keep track of from weather to exercise. It is available on my page under the SHOP tab or on Amazon.

Enjoy your week and let me know what your hobbies are.

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