This week on Tuesday Tea Time @3, we discussed your heart health. It is disheartening to know that others had their symptoms dismissed by a physician.  In recent studies it has been determined that 9 out of 10 women that present with heart issues are diagnosed with anxiety. The truth is that it can feel like anxiety when your heart is racing. It only takes a few quick tests to put the issue to bed

Advocate For Yourself

This is another reason to question your doctor and their diagnosis. It is after all your life. The consequences of being misdiagnosed will be ours and ours alone. Often there is no returning to what could have been. Although your doctor will say sorry, it is of little benefit to you if your diagnosis is too late. No matter your issue, make sure that your voice is heard and be willing to change doctors and get second opinions.

Know The Difference

Men and women have different symptoms with the same prognosis. Most studies are done on men while women have been left behind. Men suffer jaw and left arm pain but women do not. Women’s symptoms are mostly across their back, and many say that they suffered from extreme fatigue leading up the event. Often women will say that they had a small event a week before the big event. These are all signs and symptoms but because women are largely under valued in our society they are not researched and are largely ignored as anxiety and indigestion.

Types Of Events

Hearts issues usually fall into 2 categories. One is plumbing and the other is electrical. When you have a plumbing problem it usually means a blockage and the heart is not properly pumping blood. Doctors are well versed on the fix. You will require a stint or open heart surgery. The treatment has become common. This event will see the person are of what is happening. They will be responsive and be able to answer your questions. Have them sit up to wait for the paramedics.

If you have an electrical problem, that is a bit different. Think of the plug that is not inserted properly into a socket and it has power going to an appliance intermittently. This happens to your heart too. This event will leave the person lifeless. They will likely have crashed to the floor, will not be able to answer your questions and will likely be vital signs absent. Call paramedics and start CPR immediately.



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