So, you are ready and able to see that new doctor.

What are you gonna say?

How will you be received?

Where do you begin?

You will be asked for your social, personal and medical history as well as dates, symptoms and doctors you have seen. Don’t forget to have a list of all the tests you have had, where you have had them and what the results were.

Chances are the doctor is a specialist and you will be given the allotted 15 minutes to see that specialist.  He will not have had the time to read your chart in advance and will largely depend on you to fill him in. This is your time to make your case compelling, to get him interested and get him to take the time to review your file. Give him enough information to get him to start asking questions.

Where do you start?

How many times have you walked away from an appointment with a doctor and felt like you just had a brief meeting with a long lost friend. You were reacquainted but nothing really happened? Nothing changed and then upon the exit you remembered everything you wanted to ask. Before you go into see the doctor ask yourself is it is a wellness appointment or if you want something to change.

Another appointment isn’t coming again for at least 6 months and it is up to you to get it right, so what is your plan?

This appointment can mean the difference between life and death. Your life or your death.

Start by being Assertive

I spoke to a wise person who said that I should refresh my assertive training and ask questions in this manner so as not to be dismissed.

Being assertive means being respectful of others, so let’s acknowledge that a specialist is busy. He is under a lot of pressure every day and with every patient, so it will go along way if you can acknowledge that instead of complaining about how long you have waited to see him.

Once that has happened and he has told his side of the story, then explain as clearly as possible why you are visiting him today. Tell the story of what happened, when it happened, how it happened and why you think it happened. Nobody can read your mind so go slowly enough for the information to be digested and keep your train of thought clear and concise,.Allow the doctor to process the information, silence here is OK, and let him ask the questions.

You know what you want from this appointment and what the outcome should look like, so ask for what you want and suggest what you will be happy with. Be reasonable in your request and communicate and express yourself fully.

Many people get what they deserve but not necessarily what they want.  When we show the respect that we feel we deserve, we should get what we deserve.

Your Medical Diary

There are two samples below of Medical Diary. One is from Twitter and is quit indepth and easy to follow and the other is my own that is very much simpler. I look over mine before big appointments come up and if I am seeing a new doctor. It is in a constant state of update.

I downloaded this one from Twitter for you because it is very easy to fill out, makes excellent references and is easy to take with you.


This is the one that I use and I go over it every time I see a specialist and make sure it is updated.

Medical Summary Blank

Remember to take your journal if you keep one and take a few minutes to think about what you are expecting from this visit. This medical summary will need to be changed each time you have an event or change a medication.

Remember to become a priority in your life so you can live it to the fullest.


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