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Terri Blanton comments from Tea Time Tuesday:

Hibiscus tea has several benefits. I make it by the quart once a week; it’s also called Jamaica tea.

Join us every Tuesday

When asked if she would share her recipe she eagerly agreed and it follows.

Tuesdays are for Tea


Join us every Tuesday, It is an open invitationI’d be happy to:

4 cups water, bring to a boil,

add 1/2 cup hibiscus tea leaves,

boil 2 min. Stir, cover, steep 10 min.

Strain, add sweetener. (I used 1 cup xylitol)

Stir, add 4 cups cold water.

That’s it, it’s really easy to make.


I asked her where to get hibiscus tea leaves?

I get mine from amazon. The one I get is Feel Good Organics. 16 oz for around $15.00.

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