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Tea Time Community News for June 15th, 2019

Thank you to all who participated in my 2nd anniversary contest

The winners have been picked and accepted.

Prizes included

The Cardinal

Sketch by a local artist for CatchYourBreath60

Tea Time Community News

A custom sketch by a local artist. (my nephew Mark Hatcher)

CatchYourBreath60 mugs

Just like the ones I use every Tuesday on Tea Time

Tea Time Community News

2 Catchyourbreath60 mugs like the one I use every Tuesday

Health Tracker Journal Planner

Write the story of your chronic illness journey and leave a legacy for those that love you

Tea Time Community News

A Journal and a Pen

My Health Tracker Journal

Don't use all your spoons before the day is over

Save your spoons

Saving your spoons daily

Tea Time Community News

Two Pieces of Custom Spoon Jewellery

Read all about the spoons and what they mean!









Christine Love

Thomas Leathong

Kathleen Tomasin

Candyce Fulford

Carol Kirker



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