Spring Is The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! The temperatures good and humidity is low and flowers are blooming. We have just pulled through one of the longest and hardest winters that we have had in a long time. Exacerbated by the lack of a proper vaccine and the dreaded cold and flu’s that filled hospitals to the rim, leaving overly stressed nurses working their butts offs.  Many doctors have refused to see me this winter because it was easier to diagnose over the phone. We hope for the best and not being exposed and catching flu or colds. For me it could prove life threatening.

What To Accomplish This Spring?

I am a list writer and I like to track what I completed everyday. Goals are important to me and I enjoy completing one everyday and writing about it in my journal. It gives me a sense of belonging and It makes getting out of bed in the morning worth while. I need this more ever  now, especially since I am not working any more.

This season of renewal is like a new year that abounds with possibilities and hopes and dreams. Our living spaces expand by our patios and porches. Outside furniture get dusted off and cleaned and  we can extend our elbows and stretch wide with ease. The outdoors become our living room and going in at night is only for sleep and bad weather.

Oh, What A Wonderful Season

The days become longer as we pack more and more into our them because we seem to need a little less sleep than in the winter months. Our tea becomes cold instead of warm and we eat lighter meals made of more veggies and less meat. Snacks are fruits instead cookies.

Not too hot, not too cold and warm spring breezes and warm summer rain storms.

Soon Easter will be here and the tulips, crocuses  and daffodils will be in bloom. That’s when the transformation begins to take place.  Hopefully this is the season that I will get better at conserving my oxygen and have less problems getting in and out of the car. Maybe this is the season that I can learn to overcome my anxieties and confirm my mindfulness and meditation.

What are you hoping for this Spring.

Be proactive, join a new support group, volunteer, find a new friend, get involved and give back to society. It is nice to join something and have a monthly, weekly or daily obligation. Meeting others with the same issues as us can open new doors to solutions we can use. Start walking, practice meditation and mindfulness. You are your best company.

Capture some pictures so you can bring nature inside when the weather is bad. Reconnect with old friends, practice forgiveness of family and friends and don’t forget to forgive yourself. It lowers your stress levels.

Travel somewhere you have never been ans see something you have never seen. There is really no time like now, especially with chronic illness. Read a book, sleep, take time for yourself. Be good to yourself.

Find something around your house that you can sell online and make some extra cash. Then, start a small hobby and chip away at it, enjoying it even though it is taking forever to carry out. Be grateful.

Start your list with a small accomplishment and check it off your list then go from there.   It is very exciting and I would love to hear what you have decided to Spring Forward with.







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