The other day I was browsing YouTube for some interesting COPD video’s. When I came across this one, I couldn’t stop watching. The lecturer explains what happens to us when we develop COPD, they signs and symptoms of COPD and finally how doctors will treat your COPD. There is lots of misinformation about our disease and as I watched I knew I had to share with you. Each video is about 30 minutes in length. I really like his style and the delivery of the lecture. So, get your journals ready because your will want to take notes. I hope your revisit these videos over and over because knowledge is the gateway to understanding.


The First Video is about The Pathophysiology of COPD

The lecturer talks about the Pathophysiology of COPD. He identifies the changes that occur as we are developing COPD. If you cast your mind back to the beginning of your symptoms you will remember that they were subtle and that made it easy to ignore. keep in mind that this disease progresses slowly and these changes take a long time to occur.


The Second Video Focuses on The Symptoms of COPD

In this video the lecturer will take you through the symptoms and diagnosis of COPD. I remember that as this was happening to me I was very scared.  I understood very little of what was happening and my lungs seemed to be taking over my body. I really enjoyed the style of this lecturer because he delivers the information in a forward, no no nonsense fashion. I love just the facts.


Video # 3 Talks about Treatments

In this final video the lecturer talks about the common treatments for COPD and how we can all be different with the same disease. He also explains why what works for some doesn’t work for others and why..


When he talks about the history of COPD and that it was only in the late 1940’s that doctors began to identify this disease. In the scheme of things this chronic disease called COPD is fairly new and has only in the last 20 years started to be studied and recognized. Although smoking is not the only reason you develop COPD, it is the main reason for having COPD. The facts tell us that 30% of smokers will develop COPD, but 95% of those with COPD smoked. As this lecturer said pollution and genetics can also play a role in developing COPD.

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