While speaking at engagements earlier this year I started to ask if people were ready to quit smoking and the unanimous answer was a clear and strong yes! So, I started to ask about Vaping and Cannabis consumption.  I found that although it is all legal in Canada, we are still very shy about owning up to our habits. And, because we are often addicts, we seldom tell the truth and have gotten into the habit of denying it to ourselves or to our doctors.

SmokingOne deadly habit

We all know that smoking is no longer an acceptable social activity. The smell, the residual smoke that clings to everything, and damage to our tender lungs makes this habit one that needs to be broken.  People started smoking for a reason and it often became a crutch in times of grief and stress. Not only was it a physical addiction but it was also a mental addiction. It takes little time to become physically addicted and when your will is weaker than your addiction many people believe they truly need it.

Our bodies never needed nicotine, the main ingredient in cigarettes or any of the other poisons that they contained . When sales and profits began to decline, the manufacturers of cigarettes added more addictive chemicals to their product. The whole point was to make it harder for us to quit and they succeeded. Quitting tobacco has been compared to quitting heroin and its ultimate withdrawal symptoms. With the many smoke aids on the market today, anyone can quit IF they really want to. If someone doesn’t want to quit there is probably nothing that will make them stop.


VapingMan Vaping

The message was getting across. We were getting the smoking rates down and we seeing a decline in stats. Yeah! the teenagers were quitting or not starting this habit. The message was finally getting through to these kids. We know that they were taught from Grade 1, that smoking kills us. I remember my kids coming home with pamphlets asking parents to stop smoking. After years of pounding into their heads we were winning.  That was until, Juel and Vaping appeared on the market.

It was first marketed as a good tool for quite smoking. Starting on the market around for 5 to 7 years, everyone jumped on the bandwagon. I know this because I tried a vape to quit smoking about  5 years ago. I found it disgusting but many others didn’t. Vaping pens were easy to find in almost every convenience store, cheap to buy and came in many flavours.  It was almost too easy to get your hands on them with little or no government regulations. There were everywhere and the Canadian government was being very lenient about the types of liquid being inhaled. Now we know that was a huge mistake since we have seen more than 8 deaths in the United States in the last few months. It is my opinion that Vapes should be banned along with the liquids that fill them.


This Cannabis plant has been around for centuries and has been proven effective for pain management and for many lung disease patients. It is used to control nausea for chemo patients and helps the symptoms of calm the symptoms of Fibromyalga and Multiple Sclerosis. Using this plant can eliminate opioid use, however, because doctors have little knowledge of this formally taboo drug it is rarely mentioned as a solution to pain management. Governments do not fund enough research in this important field

The plant is easily acquired and is now sold in stores across Canada. Many of us have only had the benefit of smoking the drug to get it in our system. This method of consumption is no better than smoking or vaping and causes the same problems of damaging our lungs. We need an alternative to smoking by finding other ways to consume this plant. Doing some research on the internet will bring you to a million ways to consume this amazing medicinal product without smoking it. Using it to flavour foods and finding your tolerance can lead to better breathing in no time and it helps to eliminate neuropathic pain.  This is the recipe that is easiest for me to use and we all love brownies. We if you come to my house and see a plate of brownies in the frig ask if they are medicinal.


My Brownie Recipe


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