Reflection Journal: For The Chronically Ill


If you have a chronic illness, this book was created for you. Living with a chronic illness is unique because you have to be one to understand one. So those that suffer with you can be your best allies. Family and friends just can not understand what or why this is happening to you. They will offer all manner of ‘solutions’ to your problems, from losing weight to drinking more water. But, they don’t realize that you have tried it all before to no avail.
Full of journal prompts, this book will help you to advocate for yourself so you can help other’s to understand. By urging you to write about it you will gain a clearer understanding of your illness and its up and downs..
Trackers help you manage your day to day progression,
Mandala pages to colour,
Wordsearch puzzles,
Recipes of quick easy meals.

Available in Paperback and Kindle

Health Tracker & Journal Planner

This 12 month journal planner was created for you.
Consider the time and effort you put into tracking, charting and planning, an invest in Self-Care.

As you continue to gather knowledge about you, you will gain greater self awareness, have a clearer idea of what motivators help you to move forward and what triggers you to lag behind. Don’t stay stuck, journal your way to a better healthier life in no time.

As your knowledge base increases, it will spur you on to eagerly invest more time and effort into your own Self-care. Take this time to learn about you, to build goals for growth and live a more peaceful mindful life.

When we learn from the past we can predict the future

Blank pages are added for each weekly spread. This is so you can customize your journal entries. As you continue to learn more about yourself, the information that you require and track will likely change.

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Available in 2 sizes!
8.5″ x 11″
6″ X 9″

If I Get Hit By a Bus

– My Estate Organizer

Don’t leave your loved ones in the dark.
An estate organizer will help ease the burden of your passing, providing all the necessary information needed in one convenient location.
You will find sections for final wishes, assets, banking, mortgage, user names and passwords for electronic payments, vehicles, contact information, safe or lockbox location and more.
There are blank pages for letters to loved ones or other special instructions.
Be prepared so your family is too.

Relax in Color

(Relax in Color Series 1)

– Colouring Book

Deadlines. Kids are screaming. Laundry is in a pile and dinner just burnt.
Does this sound like your day? Pour the wine, pull out the crayons and Relax In Color!
Enjoy an eclectic mix of silly animals, mandalas, quotes, flowers, even a tea party.
Don’t stress. Color!
75 pages