As the air gets warmer it is time to start thinking about

Self-Care for Spring Time.

Practice self-care by allowing your past and letting it go.Confront Your Past

The first step to self-care is to face your past and get over it. Our past cannot be changed so why do we keep visiting it? I know I should not have smoked, but I did. Too many of us allow guilt to be our passenger. We are wasting our precious time beating ourselves up.

Call A Friend Calling a friend is good for your self-care

Go ahead, pick up the phone or message someone you haven’t heard from in a while. People are afraid because they don’t know what to say to us. Alleviate that pressure and show them we haven’t changed all that much. Rehash the good old days and revisit your friendship. Make casual plans for a coffee or lunch. Getting out will be good for you.

Go Outside and Get ActiveHaving a friend and enjoying the outside is good self-care

Open your windows and get some fresh air into your space. Go outside as the weather warms and take a walk around the block. Remember to be mindful in your walk and make a memory that you can revisit on bad days. What do you see, how do you feel. Listen to the birds, smell the roses. We can worry about the future tomorrow. You don’t have to go outside for a long time but making an effort as the weather creeps into the double digits is a worthwhile effort.


Read a Book Reading a book and having a tea is perfect for self care

Turn off social media and read a book. Get lost in an adventure, learn a skill or travel the world with a good book. I get my books from  Membership is free and you will receive a daily email with suggested books picked for you, based on your preferences.



Write a Journal to Set Goals A page from my journal on self-care

Start your journal today. The benefits of journalism are immeasurable. You can begin a journal online with a plethora of apps of trackers and triggers for moods and gratitude journals. There is something cathartic about actually putting pen to paper.   .


Singing is the best thing for breathing and self careListen to Music

Listening to the music that you treasured from your childhood is all in good fun. We had some of the greatest tunes ever. Singing is great way to strengthen your lungs while having a great time. Dancing to the music is another great activity while listening to music. If it is the right tune you will not be able to sit still.

Join a Group Finding a Group to belong to is a huge asset to self care

Be proactive about finding a group to join. You can choose from online or in-person. Find resources in the community by talking to your doctors, social workers, hospitals or by calling your local Lung/Heart organization. These are typically free of charge and run once a month.

Meditate for Self-Care Practising control through Mindfulness for self care

Pick a meditation clip from YouTube. Find a quiet corner and make it your space for meditation.. This should be an important part of your daily routine for about 20 minutes per day. Some of the benefits will include better sleeping and clearer thinking.


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