This is the latest and final book of collaboration between Carol Kirker and myself.  Although we were from different countries, we found each other when we embraced technology at the dawning of COVID. We grew a fabulous friendship as we Zoomed almost everyday. Those conversations led to the books we created and published. We felt that it was the easiest and fastest way to help others get to where they needed to be and we wanted to be inclusive.                  .


We both had a desire to help those that suffered. Carol ran a hugely successful Facebook group for many years and helped the masses everyday to live healthier by exercising. She joined my Tuesday Tea Times on FB and we began to chat. Time went on and the friendship grew and next was the Relax in Color, The Red Book, If I Get Hit by a Bus, and finally the Reflection journal.

Carol Had Great Hopes For This Book

She was happy to include those that suffer from any chronic illness. We shared COPD but suffered several comorbidites apart from COPD ranging from arthritis to diabetes and heart failure to thyroid. We knew others needed help and support. Carol and I had talked about the outline for the book and what information should be included, but sadly she passed away in February 2022, when only the cover was decided on.

Not A Journal Planner

If you are interested in tracking and charting your days, get a good Health Tracker.

A Reflection Journal is for your words. What feelings will you feel and what things will you learn by putting pen to paper? These pages are full of writing prompts, and will encourage you to put your words on paper. We have also included wordsearch puzzles, easy recipes from breakfast to dinner, colouring for all ages and information pages that you will want to rip out and put on your frig.

This book is available in all marketplaces on Amazon. Under the tab SHOP find a link to have a peek inside the book and see page samples.

$1.00 for every sale goes to The Lung Health Foundation

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