When I started to realize I was getting sick I did what most of us do. I began to live a sedentary life. It was impossible for me to do anything physical so I stopped doing things that were physical.  I thought I was pretty crafty at hiding my breathlessness and getting around the issues of bringing attention to my SOB. But it got worse and worse until it became so bad that I could hardly walk across the kitchen to get a glass of water.

Seeing a Professional

When I finally saw a specialist he said that if I attended Respiratory Rehabilitation the therapist would have me walking around the block in no time. Oh,  I laughed and laughed. That might work for others I thought, but that will never work for me. I was so full of “I can’t do that” that I refused to believe it.

Starting Rehab

After I started Rehab I started to dream of the freedom of walking by myself around the block, enjoying myself in Mindfulness. I started to imagine that happening to me in this life time and it brought a sense of excitement and hope that I had not dared have for at least 10 years before this.

While attending Resp Rehab I was educated; I was given a voice, the tools and the encouragement to do it. My power was in my choice, in my thoughts, and in my actions.

I started out by saying, “I hope” this happens, then I began to say “I can” make it happen and finally I said, “I will’ make it happen.

As I achieved the small goals over and over again, I built on those goals and increased them. I am still alive and I am determined to make the changes I need to stay alive a bit longer.

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Making Smart Goals and Hard Goals.


Specific The What, How, Why. I mainly use a peddler or treadmill but challenge myself to Elliptical and walks around the block once a week. I also do weights for upper body and breathing exercises every day.

Measurable –Time, Distance, Weight I set a time a work toward that goal and specific times for each type of exercise, Increase weekly or monthly.

Achievable – Start out with achievable goals and build up. Don’t set lofty goals that cannot be reached, you are setting yourself up for failure.

Realistic-  Only you know about what you can do and what you can’t or won’t do. Be realistic as possible and remember your own limitations.

Timely Hold yourself accountable and make an appointment with yourself for at least an hour a day. This is your hour; make the most of it.

HARD Goals

Heartfelt – Make your goals heartfelt to motivate you. Know what you get out of it.

Animated- Think of how to celebrate, make it a decadent reward.

Required– Create a sense of urgency. Make it mandatory and make it required. Your life depends on it.  Make it a priority.

Difficult– Make it as difficult as possible., but also be aware when your endurance has increased. Be Proud of you,

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