In the olden days, pre2019, the only thing stopping me from leaving my home to socialize, was the restrictions of my lungs. A goal to leave my house 3 times a week took lots of planning. It began with a walker and a husband that was patient, kind and supportive enough to help me make it successfully happen.

“14 Days to Flatten the Curve.”

When Covid hit, everything closed up and I began to shelter in place. My governments slogan was, “14 Days to Flatten the Curve.” You didn’t have to tell me twice. With my compromised lungs, I already knew the dangers and I sheltered willingly. But, that was not as easy as it sounds. Being confined without human contact began to take its toll on my mental health. I was NOT OK.

And, I grieved my loneliness and being abruptly cut off from family and friends. I missed those that came to me on a regular basis. They were my social life. My heart broke as my grandson seemed to be growing by leaps and bounds, and he was doing it without me. For the first time ever, it would be just my husband and myself.

Why I Learned

Surprisingly, the isolation blew my world up. It was necessary to force my brain to learn new technology. It was my quest to stay in touch with the outside world, and being mindful of my loneliness because it was heading to depression.  I needed help at the set-up stage, so I asked for help.  Carol Kirker answered that cry for help, and we played with platforms and had a blast. After the initial getting settled part, it is fairly easy.

Then I Jumped In

I eagerly joined all things virtual, as long as they were free, and I kept myself very busy.  Taking advantage of free courses and Virtual Rehab sessions, I tripped over myself making silly mistakes, but I used the opportunity to meet people on platforms like Zoom and Teams.  I found people that were as interested as I was to learn so we practiced on each other. It worked well and friendships were made. Now it was a game changer because we could see each other face to face.

Anywhere At No Charge

There are free versions as well as paid versions of most platforms, and they are popping up everywhere.  I have both and each has pros and cons.  There are no long-distance charges for using the platforms and with a strong WI-FI connection you are off to the races.

My days were busy, as I was up to my neck in learning. I was secretly elated that we were no longer pressured to leave our homes. Life became quieter as we ordered food, clothes, attended Respiratory Rehab and had doctor visits using this new technology on our computers.

On House Arrest!

However, as the 3rd year of lockdown crept up, it made me feel like I was on house arrest for a crime I didn’t commit and so, I am taking advantage of the warmer weather. I want to go out, to smell the fresh air.

Stepping Back

I am trying to decide what my future will look like. My backyard may be the extent of the distance I’ll travel, who knows? If you have a chronic illness, or not, virtual platforms are here to stay, for work and for play!


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