My Cardiac Appointment Gone South

· Heading back to my general practitioner in hopes that he can refer me to another, better educated specialist. ·

February 1, 2018 0 Comments

Happy Heart Month to Everyone.

So I am beginning over again.

I have had my 4th heart attack in four years, two in the last two months and it seems I can not find a doctor who is interested enough to take me on as a patient.

I did go to see a cardiologist last week and waited for over 4 hours to see him. I was fighting with my 3 hour oxygen tank for the entire time. I usually only bring one. Who would think that a doctor would make you wait for more than 4 hours?

I couldn’t believe it.

So, we had a choice, either we could leave the appointment without seeing the doctor or my husband could come home and grab another tank. My husband really wanted me to see that doctor so he came home to get another 3 hour tank.

Just as my tank ran out at the 3 hour mark, the power went out in the entire building. Although it was only out for about 5 minutes it seemed to take the staff another hour to get the computers up and running again.

This doctor seemed unable to do anything without his computer to speak into. During this time he doesn’t acknowledge me or introduce himself but works around me, talking at the computers.

Once I saw the doctor

I knew I had made a terrible mistake.  As the doctor was reading my notes he is talking into a mic on the computer, not talking to me at all.

As he is talking the computer is typing out what he is saying. He reads straight from the notes and barely acknowledges me. He finally comes to a conclusion.

After having 2 heart attacks in 2 months he told that if I lost 50 pounds I would be ‘right as rain.’

He said nothing about right sided heart failure or if there was any treatment for it.

He commented on Pulmonary Hypertension but when I said I had never heard that from any other doctor he would not answer any questions on the subject.

He said nothing about recovery or how to approach the road that I should be on.

My husband is appalled at this treatment as he has the same heart problems as I do but is NOT overweight, so he is treated much differently by the same doctor.

Just a simple. ” lose 50 lbs,” like it is easy as pie for anyone to do.

When I told him that I had gained 65 lbs from the meds his reply was, “Well, you need the meds so lose the weight.”

The next thing he says is, ” Patient seems reluctant and will probably not return for next visit.”  He was correct about that.


Now I am not saying that I don’t need to lose 50 lbs, however, I feel that I deserved a little better than how he made me feel.

He refused to answer any of my questions.

He could offer no solutions to my issues of not being able to come off of my BiPap in the morning or for the fluctuating highs in my heart rate and decreasing lows in my oxygen.

He could offer no reason for my short of breath that caused my throat to close and caused my Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

Nor did he seem to want to answer any my actual health questions.

Just lose weight and it will all go away.

What Now?

Well, I happen to know that it is not quite that cut and dry, I am aware that there is no potential treatment for my heart problems and so I am heading back to my general practitioner in hopes that he can refer me to another, better educated specialist.

In the meantime I have been discharged from hospital without a specialist, I have no one to take care of my heart issues and so I am hoping for the best in the near future and praying for a resolution to my heart problems.


DO become informed, seek information and opinions. LIsten rather than talk.

DO keep good records and track your history including dates.

DO ask your doctor to be part of your team. If they won’t talk to other specialists they are no good to you.

DO have family included to have another set of ears to regurgitate the information.

DO follow doctor’s orders and don’t fool around with medicines

DO NOT walk away feeling like you have not been heard.

DO NOT settle for being treated the way I was treated.

It is time that we stepped up in unison and tell these professionals how we really feel.

As a survivor of Sudden Cardiac Arrest I am most grateful for the care that I have received so far and I am not intending to give up yet so my family and I will continue to advocate for myself as necessary. Never give up.



February 7, 2018

I struggle to breath every minute of every day. I have COPD and Chronic Heart Events. This is my story of the daily struggle to survive using mind, body and soul while navigating the Canadian medical system.