It is August 2022

Honestly, I can hardly believe that more than half of the year has come and gone! I’m always in a bit of panic on August 1. I secretly yearn to stay in July all year round as it triggers the start of the summer, but August keeps pulling me closer and closer to autumn. The rest of the summer will fly by and before we know it the morning bell’s will be ringing, and we will need sweaters to go outside.

World Wide Heat

If you haven’t noticed the heat, you must live in Alaska. It is so very hot through Europe and all through North America. In fact Europe is on fire, and wildfires all over the world seem to get more intense every year. Some days the smell permeates the air.  I learned to step up the sunscreen game for the first time at age 65. By using hats and wearing long sleeve shirts we are protecting ourselves against the extreme heat and staying safer.


The most important thing when going out to is to stay hydrated. It is recommended that we drink water as opposed to coffee, tea or pop. A usual intake should be 60 to 70 ounces of water per day but that can vary by age, exercise level and health issues. Talk to your doctor about the proper amount of water for you to stay hydrated.


Many of us with COPD have a comorbidity called heart failure. It means that our heart is getting tired and it may not be able to rid the body of its fluid intake. I have heart failure and my doctor has restricted me to 60 ounces of water per day. I have to get more creative at how I manage in the warm weather. Also, because I am on diuretics, I must eliminate more often.

Cooling down, Hydrating & Eating Well With Chronic Illness

hydrationAccording to, these foods help to hydrate with little effort. Make these part of your weekly diet menu. Find interesting ways to include these in salads, or even better making up a tray and eating them raw helps you stay away from unnecessary carbs that serve no good purpose.

This however is not n exclusive list. For instance, I love eating frozen grapes. I will also add these to a glass of wine or water as a garnish. Also, remember that adding lemon to your water gives you the upper hand with extra hydration and Vitamin C. These snacks help us to get back some of the fluid we lose through sweating.

There are days that I just cannot eat a proper meal. It is on those days that I and particularly careful to make sure that what goes in my mouth is good for me.

Tuesday Tea Time Returns

I hope to have you join me on September 6, 2022, as Tea Time will be returning at its 3 PM EST time slot. There will much to catch up after 10 weeks absence and I look forward to chatting with everyone. Please mark your calendars and in the meantime, consider subscribing to  As we move forward, more and more exclusive events will take place for those that subscribe. This is a way to keep broadcasts as safe as possible without intruders.



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