Maintaining good mental health is a necessity for everyone but it is more crucial for those of us with with a chronic illness like COPD. May is Mental Health Month and your mental health can be hugely enhanced by working with health care professionals because it is ideal for minimizing flare-ups and exacerbation. Self-Care is  the sister to mental health and although it is possibly a new concept and a new pattern of learning for many of us, we need to care for all the parts that make up a person as we nurture the whole person.

The Whole Person Includes Tips on Maintaining Good Mental Health Regardless of Chronic Illness and COPD:

  • Social

Being socially active with COPDMake the effort to reach out. Change friends if you must, but do replace them and join a peer support groups both online and in person. Look for foundations in your area like The Lung Association or the Heart and Stroke Foundation, that may provide free or low cost peer support groups . If you have access to join in person groups do it and meet people like yourself. Remember that when you help others to you will also be helping yourself. Be social in spite of your chronic illness by using your voice.



  • LearningHaving a tea and learning about COPD management

    • When you concentrate on something new it helps you to build your resilience and builds confidence. Let’s face it, you are never too old to learn. Technology is amazing if you go at your own speed and work at it until you get if right. Increasing your awareness of any subject can help give your perspective. YouTube and Pinterest have great ideas on managing COPD and your health on a day to day basis. There is lots of help for you to learn and to teach you something new every day. Reading a book is always a great way to fall asleep.
  • Emotional

Emotional wellness for COPD and Chronic Illness

      • Coping mechanisms are at the forefront of all we feel as we go through our daily struggles with COPD and Chronic Illness. Keep a positive attitude by practising mindfulness and learning to meditate and force yourself to find the time to do it regularly. Use only positive self talk and ignore negative thoughts. This will reduce anxiety and give you back the control over your life you so desperately need. Your emotional self should be nurtured before any other aspect of self is cared for. If you don’t take care of you there is nothing left to give to others. Be willing to talk to your doctor if necessary.  Mindfulness
  • Physical

    My Peddler helps me to exercise my COPD Lungs

    • We create endorphins by exercising and staying mobile. Exercise is the main medicine for COPD as without it we will never be able to maintain our failing lungs. Remember that a body at rest will remain at rest and a body in motion will stay in motion. Make a game of challenging yourself to become more physical and constantly push your limits and include others if you can so they can help you stay on track.Spoons
  • Spiritual

Feeling blessed with chronic illness and COPD

Find something to put your faith in even if it is Karma. Always believe in something bigger than you. Try to be a good person in spite of your COPD and chronic illness by showing others your grace. Believe in yourself and in your journey as it is yours and yours alone. Start to write your gratitude tracker in your daily journal and you will be surprised at the amount of things you are grateful for.  Gratitude

  • NutritionalSalad topped with egg and chicken is a nice light COPD meal.

    • Start planning meals by starting a food tracker in your journal so that you can gain a greater knowledge of what foods work for you and what foods have a negative effect on you. Eat smaller portions but eat more often through out the day. Only eat what has a purpose or is necessary for your health by eliminating sugary and high carbohydrate foods. Quit smoking and vaping and manage your medications properly every day.

Read more about the WHOLE Person Concept here.  Read The Whole Person Concept

Health Tracker Journal for a record of your chronic illness journeyKeeping a Health Tracker Journal helps you to manage and maintain your mental health with chronic illness on a day to day basis. Taking the time and effort to record what is happening will give you a better understanding of what triggers your symptoms good and bad. There is everything from a mood tracker to a gratitude tracker. Keeping track of your health helps you to better understand you mental health.

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