and For those of us that are living with chronic illness like COPD, preparing meals can one of the tougher parts of your day. In Kitchen Tips and Tricks for Cooking with Chronic Illness looks to streamline some of the tasks.  We are in a constant fight to get proper nutrients in our diet, Many of the meds that we are required to use are stripping our bodies of these crucial nutrients. In this blog post we will look at some interesting kitchen tips and tricks for those with chronic illness like COPD. Being able to prepare proper meals can be a heady chore some days but how we manage healthy meals becomes critical to our condition.

Maintaining Metal Health with Chronic Illness and COPD

Main Course Tips and Tricks Makes Kitchen Chores Easier for Chronically Ill.

Slow Cooker, Instant Pot or Steamer

Instant Pot for cooking with a chronic illness.Using a slow cooker is one of the best kitchen tricks for cooking food with chronic illness .Your ability to just set it and leave it can means the difference between getting proper nutrition or eating fast food. I especially like to set up the crock the night before, pulling out of the frig in the morning and dinner is settled. There will be no take out tonight.

Combining a 3 ingredient recipe with your slow cooker makes it even easier for those with chronic illness and I use mine about 3 times a week. Cutting back on ingredients makes the task lighter.

One of the newest items on the market is called an Instant Pot and it is used to speed up cooking time and has the ability to cook an entire meal at a time.

The next item is a steamer. It is used for more than just rice and can also make an entire meal at once. In my kitchen there is nothing better than steamed salmon and rice. It truly is my favourite dish from a steamer.  All of these options are innovative ways to have an entire meal cooked, that will retain most of the foods nutrients, with little to no effort on your part.

Cooking with 3 ingredients or simply ingredients


Tips and Tricks to Manage Kitchen Chaos for those with Chronic Illness

Take the time to create a menu and your grocery shopping will be so much easier. Menus help to eliminate impulse buying while shopping and those last minute Crock Pot and easy way of slow cooking when you have a chronic illnessruns to the store for forgotten ingredients.

Also consider taking advantage of online grocery ordering.  Everything old is new again as stores have begun delivery services like in the olden days. Lots of stores have grocery ordering online with either pick up or delivery. I use Walmart online grocery ordering but we also have many more in our area.

Starting an order and keeping it open all week allows you to include only the items you are low on and will need until your next order. Most services have a free delivery.

Meal Planning Made Easy


Batch Cooking: Kitchen Tips and Tricks For the Chronic Illness Cook

Roast Of Beef

When you are in the cooking mode consider batch cooking and freezing the leftovers. Prepare twice the amount of food and freeze half for a day that your strength eludes you. Many foods freeze well provided you use proper freezer bags and label properly. Give yourself a break by having meals ready made on tough days. Some days I would rather spend my limited energy on things other than cooking especially in the heat of summer.  These meals should go from the freezer to the oven and the table with no fuss or muss.

Easy Freezer Meals

Veggie and Fruits Tips and Tricks for those with Chronic Illness Cooking

Food Steamer is a great way to cook for those with a chronic illnessWhen cooking with chronic illness sometimes finding the strength to cut and chop the veggies is more that you have to give. Tackling this job as the groceries come into my kitchen makes the work lighter sometimes. You can keep them in mason jars or good freezer bags. Storing greens in a paper towel helps to absorb much of the moisture keeping them fresher longer. I just forego the cutting by buying prepared fruit or veggie trays. It is nice to have the chopping done once in awhile and saving my time and energy.

A good set of knives made for cooking is essential and well worth the investment. Another one that people with arthritis in their hands mentioned using was a ROCKER Knife. Having a good cutting board that has a solid grip is vital.

Pre-Cutting Veggies and Fruits


More Tips and Tricks for Chronic Illness Cooking

  • Lining pans and cookers with parchment paper, foil or prepared liners makes clean up a breeze.
  • Take breaks and pace yourself while cooking
  • Have a stool to sit on while chopping and preparing food
  • Have a Grabber tool at hand in the kitchen to reach high and low cabinets
  • Use paper plates and plastic utensils on the hardest days.
  • Use food holders, peelers. pressers and corers when possible for things like tomatoes, pineapples and garlic
  • A divided skillet means cooking two items and only having one pan to clean




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