In Spite of Chronic Illness:

I live a healthier life now than I did before I was diagnosed. Not only do I take better care of myself, everyone else takes better care of me too.

Back then, I smoked a pack a day, consumed alcohol most nights and lived a sedentary lifestyle. I had very little consideration for myself and I did very little for me. My life revolved around others and everyone came before me.

Most of us are in denial, even at the severe stage. I was determined not to let my diagnosis to get in the way of my life, until it did and I was forced to stop everything.   In the three years since my diagnosis I have had to come to grips with a lot of changes in my life.  For me it was not a gradual slowing down. I had little to no time to plan my future, it was thrust upon me. And suddenly, it became all about me.

After My First Major Attack:

The focus was to get back to living and returning to my old life. I worked very hard with the help of my supportive family, a fabulous doctor and staff of  Respiratory Rehab. I was given the encouragement to do it and I set my path.

After My Second Major Attack:

Very soon after those plans were put into place I realized that there was no going back. Things would never be the same, they just couldn’t be because it had all changed, but I was still determined and trying.

After My Third Major Attack:

It became apparent that I was tasking myself to do things that would no longer be possible. I had to make some hard decisions that would affect my husband and my family but mostly me. I had to reconcile the fact that I was not going to be able to be the person I was and there was no going back.

I Have Had Loses and Gains:

I have lost and gained friends. I have lost and gained activities, but most of all I have lost and gained a sense of myself.

Too much activity too fast and I become so very short of breath that I am reminded of my limitations.  Just like you, I don’t want to say that I have limitations but lets face the truth, I do and so I have to be willing to accept that and live with it.

I Take Counsel That at Least I Have a Very Good Support System.

I have an amazing family that have showed their support over and over again.

I have found new friends. I have joined groups that support what I need to do everyday. They encourage me, they educate me, care about me and my wellbeing and they have my best interests at heart.

They prompt me to exercise and to eat well, to think positively and most of all they let me vent when I need to and don’t hold it against me when I am over it.

I have learned to care for myself, to put myself first and to give myself permission to stay or walk away from any situation and to always do what is good for me. In all ways it is a gentler kinder way of living.

So in some ways, my life is better with Chronic Illness.


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