I am fighting for my physical and mental health.

I am talking about the depression that creeps in from time to time and makes us think ‘poor old me.’

The “I did this to myself and deserve what I got.”  I am talking about the depression that robs you of all the joys that life still has to offer you. That little bit of motivation that is lacking, that little bit of “I can do it.” That voice that says “Just do it and try.”

I am guilty of these thoughts myself and sometimes I let it get the best of me. I am sick and there is no doubting it but to what degree do I give ‘it’ my life?  I still have a family and a life to live so the deal is how do I do that?

your thoughts will control your world

Buddha said,

” What you think, you become.

What you feel, you attract.

What you imagine, you create.”

I challenge you to create something good

I challenge you to keep busy:


Adult colouring books are quite popular now and can be found at the grocery store, your local book store or just about any department store. Find one that suits you and go for it. Some can be a little sassy if that is your style. Get a nice big box of pencils while you are at it and a good pencil sharpener, oh and maybe a pencil case. All set. Colouring will give you a calming sense and take you back to a place of peace.

Health Journal

Take some time each day to evaluate your symptoms and how you feel. Either have a list to go over on a daily basis or create a chart that you can go to every day. Tracking your health can remind you of new symptoms and that all days are not bad days. It is also a great guide for your doctor and you to review at your next visit. I always take mine with me and review it with the doctor. This gives you a sense of control over your health.

Netflix, Amazon Prime and Crave TV.

Don’t  pass off the opportunity to enjoy a good movie. Its OK to give yourself permission to relax and do nothing but watch good movie. Enjoy. It’s a great time to do a stationary exercise like a peddler or resistance bands for upper body. A good movie can change your entire mood for the day .


Look, we all hate to exercise but if we don’t exercise we die. It is that simple. There is no other way to continue living, so find an exercise you can do while you do something else. I use my peddler and resistance bands while I read and watch movies. I also do deep breathing and abdominal breathing during exercise. Completing your exercise routine allows you a sense of pride.


If you have a hobby, you are half way there and if you don’t it is about time you did. Check out Pintrest and find something that you like. You can make your hobby into a money making venture if you are inclined to. Learn something easy like crocheting or knitting or cross stitching. This gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Support Groups

Finding like people that know what you are going through can definitely help your state of mind. Work at being social and make the effort. You won’t be sorry you did and you will learn much more than doctors can ever tell you. If you are local to Hamilton contact me and join my group. This gives you a sense of social and contributing to something that is bigger than you. Social means more than social media.


I am leaving this one to the last because it is probably the ‘go to’ for many people but I do think it is the biggest time waster of all. However, you can take courses, follow meditation and motivational programs and learn so much if you use it wisely.

What ways do you keep busy?


Next week we will talk about changing your morning routine, how to get more hours out of your day and how to reward yourself for doing that!

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