This is a great soup for a cold winter day. It is easy to put together with the ingredients that you have on hand,  and a nice change from chicken.

Begin With:

  • 1 1/2 pound of Hamburger
  • 2 onions chopped
  • 4-5 cloves of garlic
  • Cook above ingredients until all pink is gone and onions are tender. Drain well

Add the above to a large stove top pot or a crock pot


  • 1 can of condensed tomato soup
  • 31/2 cups of low sodium broth
  • 1 can of dices tomatoes (With spices or without)
  • 1 can of black beans
  • 1 can of chick peas
  • ! can of tomato paste


  • 2 Bay leaves
  • 2 Teaspoons of Italian Seasoning
  • 1 Tablespoon of Worcester sauce
  • Pepper to taste
  • 3 cups of frozen veggies


Simmer on low for two hours.

Serve with salad or fresh bread

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