Most days I wake and I am just fine

And I thank God for every day that I have no problems getting out of bed. We tend to take these days for granted.

After all, most people wake in the morning, rise, shower, get dressed and go to work with no problems. But for us, these good days are sometimes followed by bad days.

The bad days are unpredictable, they come without warning and can be somewhat unmanageable and frightening. Sometimes the symptoms last just a few hours but the aftermath can last for an entire day, a  few days or even longer.

The problem is that bad days are not scheduled and it seems that everything normal has to be put on hold while you get back to normal. Only someone with Chronic Illness would know how disappointing and unpredictable it is.


The only way to the other side, though, is through it. So, how do you handle getting through it?

We all have little tricks and tips that we use to get through the rough patch.  Some of them seem so silly and some tricks are just plain clever.


Have You Tried Adult Colouring?


I started to use pencil crayons for my Bullet Journaling Health Tracker and I really enjoyed it, although I did find it a bit frustrating.  You see, I am a lousy artist and certainly have no knack for drawing shapes or objects.  But when I flip through my tracker, I enjoy all the colour that it holds so I have given it old college try.


The Birthday Present That Keeps on Giving

Then my son bought me some adult colouring books for my birthday along with pencil crayons and a pencil sharpener. I put them on the table and didn’t think too much of them until this week when I woke and was having a bad day.

I was shaking a bit and wanted to do something to keep myself occupied and keep my mind off of my symptoms.  I usually do meditation and mindfulness but meditation is not optimal when others are in the room who are not participating. So, I grabbed my colouring book and and crayons.

Before I knew it, I had an entire picture done, and soon started on my second one.

It’s not the most important task you will achieve today, or maybe it is.   At least it is one that can help keep me on track, reduce my anxiety and help keep my negative mood at bay.

There is a large assortment of colouring books available for adult colouring, some with attitude and if that suits you then go for it.

Why not try it and incorporate it into your day on a regular basis and get into a routine before you have a bad day.

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