As Bad As It Could Get….

The reality of what is left of my life is slowly sinking in, and I mourn my past and my future. When I first diagnosed with COPD I thought that was as bad as it could get. I was given additional puffers and sent to a specialist. Three months later when I had my first…

What I Did Get….

ICCP, Integrated Comprehensive Care Program.

Acting as if I was digging my heals in and not ready to leave unless I had some supports, I boldly asked…

My Cardiac Appointment Gone South

Heading back to my general practitioner in hopes that he can refer me to another, better educated specialist.

Happy Heart Month to Everyone.

So I am beginning over again.
I have had my 4th heart attack in four years, two in the…

Advocacy for Myself Starting Now.

Everytime I get admitted to the hospital
Everytime I get admitted to the hospital I go to a different hospital and get a…

Self-Advocacy for people with COPD, Heart Disease and other Chronic Illnesses.

First, you are not a victim, you are a Survivor, some say we are a Warrior’s.

You are someone who others cannot understand…

Missteps, Mistakes and Misjudgments

My husband and kids were still by my side as I wake up. They have never left me.

In Hindsight It All Makes…

Your ‘TO GO BAG’

My “To Go Bag.” Part 1

Let’s talk about the bag:

In light of the hurricanes and tornadoes and natural disasters this would be…

Two pickles, an orange and a banana!

Getting over the holidays
and realizing that my symptoms are not all COPD related but Heart Failure related too!

We go to my sisters…