A Brief History



Ancient cultures grew cannabis as herbal medicine. In America, colonists grew it for rope and textiles. In the 1830’s, an Irish doctor found cannabis extract could help with stomach pain and vomiting from cholera. By the late 1800’s, cannabis extracts were sold in pharmacies and doctor’s offices.

In America

It became popular for recreational purposes in the early 1900’s and became illegal by the 1930’s. It was only grown legally for industrial use. Fast forward to present day, more and more states and all of Canada have legalized cannabis for medical use and some for recreational use. Federally, throughout the US it is still illegal.


has more than 100 active components. THC is the chemical that causes the “high”, while CBD dominant strains have little THC in them. Patients report many benefits from CBD, from insomnia, anxiety, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, Parkinson’s disease and even debilitating epilepsy in children. The well known Charlotte’s Web CBD was developed just for this purpose. The many ailments it is helping seems to be growing all the time.

Since it is still illegal at the federal level in America and many countries, clinical research is limited. However, it only takes a short amount of research to discover the ailments this plant has helped going back hundreds of years.

My Story With Cannabis (Carol)

I am a 64 year old woman

with stage 4 emphysema. Although I’ve had COPD for many years, I was in denial and still smoked. My real battle began April 1, 2014, ending up in a medically induced coma, then a month of rehab at a pulmonary hospital.

When I came home, I was filled with hopelessness and was desperate for any kind of help to make life better. Many times I silently cursed my husband for allowing the doctors to save my life.

I am also a person

who believes in holistic medicine whenever possible. After much searching, I stumbled across a group of people with COPD using a product called FECO, full extract cannabis oil. For COPD, it acts as a bronchodilator and clears mucus. I read everything I could about it, watched videos on how to make it, read success stories and even failures and why. I was nervous about trying it. It is not an inexpensive product and what if I was spending money foolishly looking for hope that wasn’t there.

I have used the product

since March 2017. To some it is a miracle product. I did not get the miracle I hoped for, but still got one. Some users have been able to get off inhalers, oxygen and other medications. Some do not but still breathe better. We all have different stages and even if at the stage, there are many variables. My COPD is severe with 28% lung function. My emphysema is dispersed pretty evenly throughout my lungs versus top or bottom.

I have gone

From feeling hopeless to knowing I have a future. I still use oxygen but can now take care of my home and cook for my husband and myself. I’m active with hobbies and exercise daily. I still have bad days here and there or a bad hour or two. They are controllable. I went 4 years without an exacerbation. I had one this spring due to the high pollen. Once in a while I question if FECO is really working and go a day or 2 without it. Then I find out quickly that I would be much worse without it.  It has become one of the most important herbs in my battle against COPD.


My Story With Cannabis (Sandy)

I am a 59 year old female

diagnosed with COPD in 2010 with 31% lung function. I don’t use oxygen. I was busy working and living my life. After a bout with the flu I was hospitalized for a week. I was discharged with home oxygen, and an appointment with a pulmonologist in a week.  When I saw him, my oxygen was 98. I was told I didn’t need additional oxygen and I would be fine if I quit smoking, and was given Symbicort and a nebulizer. I had no education on COPD, continued smoking, got more colds, bronchitis and pneumonia.

In 2015

My life took a change for the worse. August 2015, I herniated a disc and was faced with a third back surgery. I recovered from the back surgery and was left with radicular neuropathy in both feet. By this time I had quit smoking but was very short of breath. I saw an article on Facebook about Cannabis Oil helping COPD to breathe better.

In January 2017

My journey with it began. Then I started walking outside and got up to walking an hour a day. I was feeling great. I then got supination of my feet in February 2018 and had custom molded orthotics made to correct the problem. The orthotics did not correct the problem. I have chronic pain and am currently in physical therapy as my peroneus muscle no longer works to support my right leg. So I am currently not able to walk, but continue to exercise doing seated aerobics videos and lifting weights.  My first appointment with a pulmonologist will be in a few weeks since i quit smoking. I have never been admitted back to hospital since being diagnosed, but my shortness of breath is getting worse because of the pain.

I have used Cannabis Oil since January 2017.

I micro dose every 4 hours to avoid the high feeling  from THC. Cannabis Oil definitely opens my lungs  as my oxygen level still stays around 98.




is made from either sativa strains or indica strains. Sativa is good for the daytime because it provides more energy. Indica is relaxing and is taken by many at nighttime. Some users avoid sativa because it can cause anxiety or by micro dosing, which is using just a pinhead every 3-4 hours. It is normally taken under the tongue. Taking it by suppository will also stop the “high” from THC.

Many users believe only FECO will help COPD

but some are finding relief with high potency CBD because it is used for inflammation, relaxing the airways. Every person is different as is their COPD. There are FB groups that help and provide an abundance of information. If you are in a legalized area, some dispensaries carry FECO, but they are few at this time. It will be sold in a needless syringe, will be thick and almost black in color. CBD oil is legal in many countries, which unfortunately brings out the scam artists. Do a review of the company. The oil should be 35% CBD per milliliter and higher. Again, FECO is the choice of most with COPD.

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