A Chronic Illness Link-Up Post


I am relatively new to this chronic illness of mine called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), so I am discovering how to deal with its various symptoms. I am discovering what the effects of weather, diet and attitude have on my illness by tracking how I feel on a daily basis. I first discovered how using a walker helps support my upper body so that i can breathe easier. I am discovering limitations on a daily basis and what things I should continue to do. Just when I think I have reached a plateau and pushed myself too far, the doctor says to push a but more. I am trying to discover my peak and threshold.



After I spent a year in hospital I rediscovered my life and because I was now using a walker I rediscovered walking for leisure again. I rediscovered reading my favourite books again, knitting that I had left years ago.I rediscovered my work and learned that I loved my job and that I was better at it then I realized. When I went back to work pushing my walker and met up with colleagues and casual acquaintances that used to always talk and joke with me, I discovered that I am braver than I ever thought and stronger than I ever knew myself to be.



Our whole world is about to change, We are lucky enough to be anticipating the birth of our first grandchild.  We are ecstatic and over the moon to have this baby. I have wanted a baby since my kids have grown up. Being a grandparent is a bit of a different situation when you have a chronic illness, I don’t know what to expect and what the parents will and will not allow me to do. But whatever part I play in this child’s life will be the happiest and most rewarding of all to me.  We are anticipating having our last Christmas before the new baby is born, buying diapers and clothes, decorating a nursery and having something else to focus on and not chronic illness.




Decluttering my life, my space and my head. I am getting rid of what does not suit me and what does not serve me.  I am clearing out the unnecessary people, places and things and finding it is so enlightening. Getting rid of the old means recycling and giving to those that will appreciate it. It gives you a feeling of accomplishment and sense of renewal and leaves space for the important things to come.




My life. After two Sudden Cardiac Events and being delivered to hospital both times Vital Signs Absent (VSA) I am so grateful to have a life that I am cherishing this life. It is not easy thing to accept that I could be watching television or driving and simply lose vital signs. After the second attack I realized what the symptoms were and I am more readily able to sound the alarm to avoid having it happen again. I am so grateful to my family and to those that helped me to become the new person I am today.