I didn’t always like to have breakfast, but a dietitian had a talk with me when I was in the hospital.  She told me that I could not gain muscle without protein.

She continued on to say that breakfast triggers you body to stop its fasting period and gives your body a head start on getting your daily vitamin and mineral intake. Having breakfast helps your body to maintain its proper weight and either lose it or gain it.

Eggs For Breakfast

She also said that the protein in eggs first thing in the morning would help me get the most benefit out of exercising. Since I am pretty slow in the morning and not always up to frying eggs, I make hard boiled ahead of time and keep a container in the refrigerator.

Taking the shell off is as easy as A B C.  Fill a glass jar about a 1/4 full with water, add your egg and put the lid on and shake. Now the shell will pop right off the egg for you to enjoy.  I have hard boiled eggs ready for breakfast or when I feel like a salad or sandwich or anytime. A hard boiled egg is often my ‘go to’ food.


Cheese for Breakfast

When choosing a cheese, choose a low fat, low sodium one. The extra protein and calcium is good for our bones and muscle but we do not need the extra salt or fat of regular cheese.  This shouldn’t be a problem with today’s choices, as almost anything you desire is at your fingertips and almost everything can be purchased low fat and low salt. I prefer a hard cheese that is aged or old. I pre-cut pieces of cheese at the beginning of the week and keep them in a sandwich bag so I am not fumbling with it in the morning.

Bananas for Breakfast

Bananas are a high potassium fruit, in fact an average banana has about 150 mg of potassium. Other high potassium fruits are prunes, dates and raisins, all equally good in the morning.Most people like a piece of toast in the morning.  I tend to get bloated and bread isn’t always my best bet so but I would rather pass on that and I will have a granola bar later in the afternoon to make up for lost fibre. I may change it up with a mandarin orange instead of bread.

Morning Sunshine for Breakfast

Two cups of coffee should be adequate for the morning, as you don’t want to fill up on coffee and not be able to manage a small (Pumpkin spice) snack and a small meal at lunch.

I find that 6 small meals are better than 3 large ones, mainly due to bloat and it helps me to stave off hunger all day long.


Breakfast is a great time to be mindful and to meditate, eating slowly and compiling your To Do list.

My To Do List

I have a list for what I want to accomplish monthly, weekly and daily. Sometimes my goals align and it is Zen. They keep me on my toes and looking forward to what the days and weeks will make of my month.

Everything on your To Do list doesn’t need to be completed but it should be something that makes you happy each time you put check-mark on the completed list.

Health Tracker Journal

Take the time during breakfast to journal in your health tracker.

How did yesterday go?

What extra meds did you need or did you eliminate?

Did you weigh yourself every morning and keep track of it?

Do you keep track of exercise?

What other things should you track in your health tracker?

Coffee Break Treats

And, because it is October, I thought a touch of October might be a good for all of us with a few variations depending on your preferences.

An easy peasy muffin recipe that will satisfy your sweet tooth without too much sugar added.

Pumpkin has a wealth of vitamin C, E and beta-carotene that converts to vitamin A and helps eye health.











I love a recipe that has no more than 3 or 4 ingredients and still tastes great.

ALthough this was not my favourite , it is a good one if you are looking for a bit more potassium.












A little more protein won’t hurt and in fact could do a lot of good.













Some added potassium and a bit of streusel topping is a nice change.








Pumpkin Spice Recipes courtesy of :






Getting my muffin on












My Pumpkin Spice Muffins ready for the oven.







And ready to enjoy



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