It appears that we are in the midst of an early cold and flu season in Southern Ontario. Call it what you will, either early fall or late summer. It is just the right timing with the kids going back to school. It never fails, it takes about a week for them all to be clambering together and then it happens . The first sneeze. The projectile of the sneeze travels about about 100 miles per hour,” says Patti Wood, author of Success Signals: Understanding Body Language . That one sneeze can send as many as 100,000 germs into the air. The aged and those with a chronic illness are most at risk.

Cold and FluHow My Cold Started

Those at Greatest Risk

I thought that I had side stepped cold and flu season. I was being very careful to stay a distance from the grandson. Then it happened. My nose got itchy and full. I had to keep blowing it. Still not convinced that it was a cold I kept to my usual schedule and did my best to ignore it. Soon it became apparent that I did indeed have a head cold. I remembered that a little too late as I couldn’t catch my breath and found it impossible to breathe with my BiPap on.

Nights Are The Hardest

Sacred Sleep

Not being able to breathe through my nose is hardest. As I lay down on a pillow my nasal passages fill up and make breathing impossible. The concept of pursed lip breathing goes out the window during cold and flu season. It is one of the exercises I use just to help me sleep, but it won’t help me tonight. In fact, sleep just won’t come, It would be another 6 nights before I would sleep again. I am so tired, I can’t sleep.

Cold and flu seasonMornings Aren’t Great Either


As I become conscious I am aware that a feather duster has replaced my tong. The rest of my mouth feels like a cardboard box. I feel like I have a ping pong ball stuck in my throat. My BiPap continues forcing air in and out of my lungs and as it does it dries out every last part of my mouth, lips and throat.  I guess at what the time is and then I take a peak at the clock. I am averaging about 5 hours sleep and but right now, I am in need of a bathroom.

Calculating the hours I slept with my chances of not sleeping tonight helps me make the decision. Should I stay up or try going back to bed? If I sleep too late, I will never sleep again tonight. If I have only slept a few hours, I should try once again.

Feeling Like A Bear

NutritionThe next thought is of what I can eat? I feel like eating heavy. That is very unlike me. I am always on the war path to find lighter meals, to eat light, avoiding that old pal BLOAT!  I rarely ate breakfast before I got sick. I only eat it now to get the potassium and protein started. But my mind is definitely on food. I need fried eggs, toast and soup. I surprise myself by that choice but it is close to noon now.

My Z Pack Action Plan for Colds

Meals & Med’s Time

I have so many pills that I was hardly able to get them down. Now, I sort through multiple bottles and start putting together my Action Plan. This means an additional few meds to add to my everyday regime.

Antibiotics will help but steroids will keep up for days at a time. I am not looking forward to that, again.

My husband made me a pot of chicken soup and stocked up various teas blends. I used my salt inhaler along NAC to keep my lungs dry.  I had soup for breakfast and lunch.