Everytime I get admitted to the hospital

Everytime I get admitted to the hospital I go to a different hospital and get a different doctor and a different diagnosis of differing opinions.

I get bits and pieces of information and only the parts that the docs want you to know. Also, I have noticed that doctors don’t seem to be able to play well together in the sandbox.  Meaning that we can not seem to come to an agreement on what the heck is wrong with me.



Due to the fact that I have had 4 cardiac arrests

Due to the fact that I have had 4 cardiac arrests that landed me in hospital there must be something wrong. I know I have COPD but my other COPD friends and those from my support groups don’t have Sudden Cardiac Attacks. 

I have been told that I have no heart issues, that I have left sided heart issues of the electrical kind that caused me to get an ICD implanted, and now they tell me that I have right sided heart issues, meaning right sided heart failure.

Each doctor comes up with a different diagnosis and none of them jell.

I have had enough.


I can not get a Cardio doctor to take me seriously because they do not believe I have a heart issue but that my issue is COPD. Pulmonary doctors can treat issues of COPD but like I said…how many of you with COPD have ended up at hospital, vital signs absent?

Here is what I do know….I know that I feel better when my water levels are low.

​Drinking Water at the Right Time

And on that subject, I have never been told to restrict my water intake. I was at one point, not too long ago, drinking over 90 ounces of water a day. That was just plain water and did not include the coffee and the rest of the liquids I drank.

No one told me that that could be a little too much. Even this last time in hospital when the doctor discharged me they didn’t give me a liquid intake restriction.

The nurses told me that I should definitely be on a restriction if I did in fact have Right Sided Heart Failure. That restriction to 50 ounces a day is killing me but I feel overall better for it and will therefore stick to it.


I have also never been told to restrict my salt intake.

Never have I been told that. I was eating salt like there was no tomorrow because I was told I had low sodium levels. Nobody asked and nobody thought that drinking 90 ounces of water may deplete my sodium intake. These two issues have caused the perfect storm and I am tired of doctors playing with my life.

I also need a regular amount of Lasix that will help me shed this water build up, not just keep enough to keep my electrolytes in check.

On Sunday I woke to an additional 4 lbs overnight

I could not get ahold of any doctors. My only option was to go back to hospital.  I am NOT going back there twice this month. I did what doctors would have done and 2 days later I feel great.

I want to be around to see my grandson in April and be physically well enough to help raise him.

So starting today I am advocating for myself.

Yeah, I said it. I am looking for solutions to my problems and doing what I need to get my problems solved. I will no longer ask the doctors but I will tell them.

On Friday I see a new Cardio guy and if he doesn’t want to play nice in the sandbox and do what I need him to do then I will fire him and search for someone who will.

The key is getting someone who has nothing to loose by helping me achieve my goals. My GP is that guy and he is helping me advocate for myself.

I am very tired of listening to ego’s and I will no longer tolerate it. I will shop for a doctor who will listen to me, who will do what I ask to be done, one who has my best interests at heart and who will join my team with me a the helm along with my Pulmonary specialist.

Stay tuned the ride is going to be exciting.


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