A few weeks ago I had a low key week as I was suffering from a cold. I took the opportunity to rest and practice some much needed self-care. One afternoon as I was reading in bed and relaxing my eye caught a shinny bracelet in my jewel box. Upon closer inspection, I became curious. This is a reflection of my journey through my charm bracelet and before my chronic illness. This bracelet had not seen the light of day for some time. My life is broken in to two parts, before and after I got sick. This is the story of my past life, many years before I got sick but it is the progression of my journey and what makes me what I am today.

My Charmed Journey. Reflections on Becoming An Adult

In my life I was surrounded by adults. Being the youngest child, I lived among adults waiting patiently for my turn to become one too. And suddenly without a thought it happened to me. I turned that magical age of 21 when you can do all, be all and see all.

My maiden career was hairdressing. A poor choice for me as I had no real artistic side to me. I was much better suited to collecting accounts and having the shop cleaned and orderly.


My First Vehicle A Charmed Journey to Independence

It was a 1968 Chevy Impala, Sky blue. It had a 8 cylinder 350 engine and was about the size of a small boat. I could manoeuvre that thing into the tightest of spaces and still back out. It cost me almost my entire pay cheque to fill it with gas but once filled, I was free to go where I wanted to. That was everyone’s transportation and we travelled outside of our comfort zone.


Dabbling At The Arts.

The Charms Tell The StoryMy Artistic Journey CharmMy Sports Journey Charm

Attempting to nurture my artistic side was more of a chore than anything else.

Skiing in Hamilton is easy because the city is broken into two parts and has a built in mountain. We have up the mountain and below the mountain. We ski the mountains in Hamilton.

Then, on to art lessons. The arts eluded me and as much as I wanted to be artistic, I just had no talent here. I tried to copy the images and diagrams as the teacher outlined but it turned out to be a total disaster.I also tried painting with the same results, in fact any attempt by myself to be creative simply fell flat and I soon learned that the best thing for me to do was to purchase goods already made. In the end it was much cheaper for me.


Then I Met This Guy

It was a blind date set up by my brother in law on New Years Eve. We attended a dance with my entire family and he passed inspection that night. Although it would take him a entire week to call me, the rest is history and we were never apart from that time on.

My Hockey Journey

We Coached a Hockey Team

There was a hockey team that needed a coach and a treasurer. So my future husband and I teamed up to add up the wins. Being a goalie, he became the coach. I became the financial person and I looked after fee’s and set up the activities for the team.


My story Part 1


Our Engagement. A Milestone Charm of My Journey.

 We became engaged in April of 1978 and decided on a fall wedding. Plans were in put in place and there was no turning back.


The Big Day, My Charm of our wedding journeyThen It HappenedMy Wedding Journey Charm

Because that is what we did back in the day.

We met December 31,1977 and we married on September 30th, 1978.

We lived with my parents for a few months and bought our first home in March of 1979.


The Love and Laughter of My Charmed Journey

Our first humble home on my charm bracelet

Our first home was where love and laughter happened. Adulthood suited me and I was excited to part of that world. Our door was always open and we had many happy times there. Our 3 children were born there and we went about the business of living and loving life.A baby carriage charm represents all things baby

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