The problem with having a chronic illness like COPD or Cardiac Illness is that the doctors don’t let you die from it.

Ask your doctor if you will die from COPD,  he will say, “Oh, You won’t die of COPD, however you may die from complications of COPD.”  Complications include the effects of taking the medicine we need to keep us alive. Group members polled are likely to say they have had COPD for years or even decades. Since it is not a death sentence, we have no choice but to learn to live with it. When I say, you have to learn to live with it, I mean it is a whole new paradigm. After decades of being told to multitask and do as much as possible in as short a time as possible, we have turned a corner to find out that those concepts are what got us into this mess in the first place.

You can learn to calm that voice in your head and live in a calming way that allows you live a less stressful existence.  Don’t we all want this after coming to the devastating reality of our disease?

Stress is not good for any of us, but when we have a chronic illness like COPD or Cardiac Illness it is crucial that we avoid as much stress as possible.

Mindfulness follows me through every day to reduce stress, manage my symptoms and live a better life.


Let me introduce to you…..


Paying attention and staying in the moment, on purpose, without judging.

Mindfulness guides us in stress reduction, pain management and anxiety control.

As a person with chronic illness or a disability you are a person at risk of depression and how we choose to deal with that sad fact is entirely up to us.

Our Mental Health is of vital importance as our physical health deteriorates.

According to (Wayne J. Katon, MD) ( ) the University of Washington study on Chronic Medical Illness and Depression,  20% of those with COPD will become depressed, while 23% of those with Cardiac Illness with also suffer from depression.


If you have ever suffered from depression in the past you are a candidate to suffer now and you know that it can be a long dark hole that is sometimes impossible to climb out of. Come along with me as I introduce you to Mindfulness; and the potential to change your life.

When I feel a loss of control it can often be a major stress trigger. I practice Mindfulness.


Using Mindfulness during an Anxiety Attack 

Now, if I panic and suffer from anxiety, I will likely get short of breath, that will lead to coughing and wheezing and other nasty symptoms that can be avoided.  So before I allow my anxiety to become a problem, I practice Mindfulness, working to keep all situations as stress free as possible.

My Mantra: I can get through this situation, I have been through worse.


Instead of letting your mind rule your mood, do this grounding exercise.

Look at your surroundings. Take it all in.


5 things that you can see,

4 things you can feel,

3 things you can hear,

2 things you can smell and

1 thing you can taste.

This practice will truly ground you and keep you from letting your mind wander into panic mode. Soon the moment will be over, you will have survived it and it won’t rule your world.

Look online for lots of mindfulness education and follow me on Pinterest for some mindfulness pins that can help you through your day.

Next week we will continue with our getting ready for fall series, Meditation. See you then.

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