In light of the the season and your chronic illness, there is a good chance that because of factors outside our control, we could end up at the Emergency department. Often you will probably be a guest staying for a few days. I decided to pre-pack my bag because in an emergency I’m seldom in control of packing a bag as I’m often physically unable to do it. So far that bag is just sitting in my closet but it’s there and its ready for when I need it.

My To Go Bag/Travel Bag

Pick colours you can live with that will amuse you and make you laugh  Remembering how much room I did not have while in hospital I made my case smaller in size. Wheels are important. Make sure the wheels on your bag roll easily and check that they are somewhat sturdy and stable. Check all the zippers and closures to make sure you can manage them.


Make clothing sizes generous and everything doesn’t  have to be new. The doctors and nurses don’t really care about the shape of your PJ’s. When I find a pair of pajama’s that I favour and wear a lot, I keep the new ones and put the old ones in my bag. At least I will have something to wear that will both fit me and be comfortable.  I rarely wear a robe even in the hospital but I do wear a sweater and I like one that is not too hot but keeps me from getting chilled in the air conditioning.

A couple of pairs of comfortable underwear if you need to keep only the gown on and a few undershirts, bra’s and socks if you wear them.

Slippers are a necessity for me as my feet rarely touch the ground without slippers or shoes. I usually throw them out after my hospital stay.

Tuck in a plastic bag for your laundry and for anything that has to go back and forth with family.


Once I have a few clothes packed you will need to get the electronics together and this is what your pockets in your bags are for. Be realistic about what you need. I take my cell phone and my tablet with me along with all charging cords. Don’t forget your journal.

Cosmetics Bag

  • For a cosmetic bag I use a small lunch bag, plastic lined is best for any leakage.
  • Soap and shampoo
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste,
  • Deodorant, razors
  • Moisturizers for lips and skin
  • Comb or brush and use a pencil-case to separate razors so you are not injured looking for it.
  • Buy small refillable bottles with tight filling lids and fill them from home using a favourite shampoo, gel soap, hand cream, facial cream, nasal lubricating gel. I even managed to get a few bottles that had pumps for tops.

Pack a Fan

Sometimes the rooms are so hot that I find it hard to breathe and having a fan is essential to keep that air moving. My portable one is a small fan that clips on anything. It is inexpensive, usually found under $15.00 but worth its weight in gold.

What is in your Go-To Bag?

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